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The second year of wtreportage is finishing and I want to thank everyone for the support and for the growing number of friends who have registered and who have contributed with donations to develope this magazine on line of travel and curiosity in the world.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016
This month on wtreportage:
- Winter cruise on Danube River from Vienna to Budapest. Sailing on the great river Danube, cross the border between Austria and Hungary passing near ancient towns such as Esztergom, the historic capital of Hungary.
- Les Menuires (France), not only ski. A ski resort in Haute-Savoie, full of surprises. 
- Video: Indios Embera (Panama). Arrived from neighboring Colombia, the Embera population settles in the lagoon areas of central Panama in XVIII century and since then they live in rain forests, along the large and small rivers in the central eastern of Panama-
- Follow me: Christmas markets live from Lausanne (Switzerland). From 11/12 to 15/12, Carlo Piccinelli will show you the preparations for next Christmas in the beautiful town on Lake Geneva