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This month on WTReportage, you will find:
- From Amman to Mujib Canyon along the coast of Dead Sea. A journey through the history of Jordan passing from the ancient citadel of Amman up to the temples and Roman amphitheatres of Jerash to discover then, the salt cliffs of Dead Sea and finally, the spectacular canyon of Wadi Mujib, a canyon carved from the Mujib river into the soft rock of the Jordanian desert.
- Rarotonga Island, the largest of Cook Islands. Two steps in the capital Avarua to discovering traditions and customs of the South Pacific Ocean. An island with so much things to see that wtreportage will dedicate a second reportage on this island.
- In the video of the month, you can see one of the places most frequented by lovers of paragliding in Europe, the Annecy Lake in Haute-Savoie (France). Thanks to the presence of two large lakes (Annecy and Le Bourget) in the same valley and the high alpine mountains, the air currents are constant and always of the same direction and this situations allow spectacular flights that can last hours. This feature has been exploited by local tourism boards to implement in areas around the lake, many schools and take-off fields. A good opportunity to try, even for novice users, the experience and the thrill of flying without an engine.

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