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This month on wtreportage:
- Reportage: 25 years after the discovery, in the Similaun glacier, of the Otzi mummy, a reportage on the "iceman" path. A journey back 5500 years from the Archeopark of Madonna di Senales, through alpine trails to over 3000 m with experienced guides, to reached the site of the discovery of Otzi continuing then up to Bolzano to visit the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, with the clothes, objects and the mummy of Otzi.
- Reportage: It concludes, in the capital of Iceland, the long journey around the island of ice and fire. See, in the index page, the previous reportage.
- Video: On a hill overlooking the Rhone Valley in Provence, stands an imposing medieval castle built in 1120. Today, the castle remains only the great stone tower that became, during the French Revolution, a gloomy prison. A labyrinth of rooms embedded in a stone tower 52 m high.