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About us

Carlo Carlo Piccinelli
Role: Site manager.
Freelance Journalist and Photo Reporter
Andrea Andrea Favero
Role: Web & Security
Software and WEB designer. IT Manager
Gianni Gallo
Role: Photo Editor
Choice and Image Processing
Rinaldini Luca Rinaldini
Role: Contributor
Freelance Photo Reporter. Photographic Research.
Paolo Crespi
Role: Contributor
Freelance travel Journalist.

World Travel Reportage

Travelling to satisfy the desire to learning the world discovering places, cultures and traditions, this is the objective of reporters World Travel Reportages.
With photos and video, W.T.R. is a source of information and travel advice.
Activate Follow Me to be able to read and watch the back-stage adventures of our reporters during their travels.
In the Reportages section, you can see news and photos almost as if you were reading a travel magazine.
The Video section offers in-depth coverage of our reportages.
WTR's headquarters is in Turin (Italy).

For more information and request, please  Contact Us